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Cranes 4 Cranes "All Inclusive" principle (P.E.S.A.T.)
Are you looking to sell your crane for the BEST price at low costs?
There are several reasons to sell your crane. It becomes a surplus in your fleet, it will reach a certain age or your project is finished?
To achieve the best price for your used crane you need a global network, expertise and the right people.

The Cranes4Cranes team works according the P.E.S.A.T principle, with the following steps:

  1. Pricing > Owner and C4C determine a sales price.
  2. Exclusivity > Owner and C4C sign an exclusivity contract.
  3. Selling >C4C sells pro active via their global network and portal.
  4. After sales >C4C draws up contract of sale and finalizes deal including payments.
  5. Transfer > Equipment is ready for shipment/transfer.

If C4C is NOT successful in selling your equipment, there are NO COSTS involved!

  • No surprises, games and hassle free!
  • Transparency on pricing and conditions!
  • Anonymous publishing if needed!

Sell a crane

Why sell a crane via C4C?
  • Achieve the best price for low costs!
  • By sale no hassle! No sale no fee!
  • Global network, over 30.000 contacts worldwide!
  • We take care of the sales process, while you continue to operate!
  • Time your sale, to achieve the best price!
  • Full payment before delivery!
  • Trustful partnership!
“Through Re-move and their Cranes4Cranes portal we have successfully sold several units of equipment. The whole process was very much simplified by the usage of this portal and shows the importance of having a knowledgeable partner for either the purchase or selling of equipment.”

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